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Profile: Images Auto Spa

Getting the right look for the customer.

Images Auto Spa
The evolution of express detailing

A look at how the carwash industry spurred innovation in the detailing market.

detailing, express detailing, polisher, wax
Wash Talk Ep. 29: Managing the Impacts of the $15 Minimum Wage

Greg Paul, a carwash owner from Los Angeles County, discusses ways to offset the cost of minimum wage increases.

Carwash Connection: Application arches

AKRON, Ohio — What makes a good application arch?

application arches
Carwash Connection: Flat belt conveyors

AKRON, Ohio — Everything you need to know about the flat belt conveyor option.

flat belt conveyors
Carwash Connection: Conveyor length and throughput

AKRON, Ohio — What are the recommended lengths for conveyors and the average throughputs for different conveyor carwash types?

conveyor, length, tunnel, throughput
The capabilities of tunnel controllers

Tunnel controllers connect all phases of operation with a full lineup of
functions and features.

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Profile: Valencia Car Wash

This wash has been a local staple for over 30 years.

Valencia Car Wash
Podcast: Investing in a tunnel carwash

DALLAS — MarketScale interviewed a serial entrepreneur about investing in tunnel carwashes.

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The shift from full-serve to express models

PHOENIX — A case study of Phoenix shows how competition is affecting the marketplace.

Phoenix, AZ
Profiles of carwash success: Autobell Car Wash

For 50 years, the sounds of success have pealed from this business.

Autobell Car Wash
Waterway® Carwash opens in Highland Park

ST. LOUIS — This newly renovated facility is Waterway’s 22nd location.

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