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The money is in the detail

Why your financial statements matter.

The money is in the detail
Dencar pay station saves time, maximizes sales

AKRON, Ohio — An on-screen prompt during a single-wash payment initiates the process and completes the monthly subscription in just 10 seconds.

The carwash pay station of the future is here

Dencar promises 10-second sales, fraud protection and true unattended automation.

Sonny’s The CarWash Factory incorporates Genetec technology

MONTRÉAL, Canada — Advanced camera technology helps operators increase revenue and enhance the carwash experience.

Carwash Connection: Point of sale technology

From integrating with the wash tunnel to collecting data on member habits, modern POS systems help washes stay profitable.

Credit card and contactless payments: the future of carwash

How adding credit card and contactless payments will make your carwash more efficient, more profitable and provide better service to your clients.

Modernize processing for today’s customers

How to use cashless payment for better customer satisfaction,
lower operational cost and improved reliability.

The hidden dangers of the one-stop shop

When shopping for carwash technology, a one-stop shop may not cover all your needs.

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POS differences in North America

Things Canada and the U.S. can learn from each other.

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Carwash Connection: Processing

From your pay station to the wash itself, find out how to improve throughput.

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Optimizing throughput to overcome carwash congestion

Steady pace with plenty of space wins the race.

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The benefits of a hybrid-cloud POS system

How the POS system of the future is changing the carwash industry as we know it.

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