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Get the most from your RO membranes

Maintain these critical components to improve performance and lower cost of ownership.

Is poor water quality holding you back?

The cost of poor water quality on your operation.

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The benefits of closed-loop water reclaim

Calculating the benefits of
collecting and recycling all wash and rinse water.

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The economics of water softening

The economics of new high-efficiency water softeners.

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Carwash Connection: Water recycling payback analysis

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

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Carwash Connection: Water restoration and restored spot-free rinse

AKRON, Ohio — A look at two other types of water recycling systems.

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Carwash Connection: The facts about water and carwashing

AKRON, Ohio — Why should a carwash invest in water recycling?

Water recycling
Poll: How much water do you recycle?

AKRON, Ohio — Water recycling is a growing trend.

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Water discharge versus water reuse

Why water reclaim has become important to carwashes of all shapes and sizes.

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New water use study available from ICA

CHICAGO — Since the last field study in 2002, water efficiency in carwash technology has improved.

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Best practices for water quality and testing

Proper treatment steps and smart usage suggestions for today’s modern carwash locations.

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The importance of carwash water quality

How to identify, test and remove water contaminants at your carwash.

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