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DRB issued patent for anti-collision system ‘NoPileups’

AKRON, Ohio — The carwash technology company was issued multiple patents for its in-tunnel collision prevention technology.

Two carwash workers die in hazardous materials accident

Two carwash workers die in hazardous materials accident

Help your team keep its cool this summer

Steps shop owners can take to provide a cooler, safer environment.

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Tesla releases software update with carwash mode

PALO ALTO, Calif. — The new mode will help prevent issues at the carwash.

Worker loses leg at carwash

HELENA, Mont. — The employee got his leg caught in a piece of machinery.

Wash Talk Ep. 64: Creating Chemical Safety Zones

This audio reading of “Creating chemical safety zones” discusses chemical storage and safety tips.

Wash Talk Ep. 63: Pandemic and Regulations Management

Chris McKenna of McKenna Assets LLC, Car Wash Consulting Division, discusses some management practices related to both the pandemic and new regulations in general.

New auto tech update

One insider notes that solutions are inevitable.

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Electrical fire starts at carwash

FRESNO, Calif. — Firefighters were able to put out the flames quickly.

Worker pinned by steel beam at carwash

WORCESTER, Mass. — A beam fell as a worker was welding it.

Carwash employee pinned between vehicles

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A driver mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Tips for chemical storage and delivery

Best practices in liquid and powdered product storage and setup.

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