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Wash Talk Ep. 34: Carwashers’ Concerns

This audio reading of several letters to the editor we’ve received over the last year includes advice from owners and operators on such topics as the minimum wage, tunnel throughput, signage height and electrical fire prevention.

PC&D Unscripted Ep. 5: Risk Assessment and Prevention at a Carwash

Rich DiPaolo speaks with David Snyder at McNeil & Co. to discuss risk at a carwash and implementing prevention strategies.

risk, David Snyder
Detailing during a pandemic

Know the terms and establish safe cleaning protocols.

detailing, pandemic, sanitizing, disinfecting, IDA
Proper and effective site surveillance

New cameras are only as good as your entire surveillance plan.

security cameras, surveillance, carwash tunnel
Wash Talk Ep. 24: Keeping a Watchful Eye

This audio reading of “Keeping a watchful eye” discusses the top five benefits of having a surveillance system in place at a carwash.

Consequences of an electrical fire

A carwash owner recovering from a fire offers a warning to others.

electrical fire, circuit panel
Gas leak causes explosion at carwash

INDIANAPOLIS — The explosion and resulting fire caused approximately $3.5 million in damage to Brad’s Car Wash.

Clear communication with signage and menus

Solving the mystery of effective visual communication with carwash customers.

menu, menus, signage
Wash Talk Ep. 12: Accident Preparedness

This audio reading of “Accident preparedness” discusses new automotive technology and how to prevent accidents at your carwash.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s response to COVID-19

THOMASTON, Ga. — The chain is staying open and taking measures.

How Autobell Car Wash is handling coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Autobell is adding a mandatory disinfectant application to all its interior cleans.

How to prevent a carwash freeze

How to keep your carwash from freezing over in the winter.

carwash, gun, wand, ice, freeze, winter, self-serve