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Carwash worker crashes into gas station

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A carwash attendant caused a serious accident exiting the tunnel.

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Video of the Week: Truck crashes into Tesla in carwash

AKRON, Ohio — When loading vehicles onto a conveyor, it’s imperative that employees make sure drivers follow the directions: foot off the brakes, car in neutral and hands off the

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Carwash regulations you need to know

The EPA and OSHA are the main regulators in this industry.

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Customer blames carwash for causing her fall

HOUSTON — After a slip and fall incident, a customer is suing a carwash.

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New vehicle technology update

Avoiding pileups and damage claims via new tunnel features and employee training.

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Explaining workers’ compensation

Actions do influence premiums.

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Employee crushed by carwash machinery

CHICAGO — The employee died of his wounds.

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Carwash Safety 101: Safety training for carwash customers

Training is equally valuable for employees and customers alike.

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Making the belt conveyor change

How modern systems boost car counts while increasing site safety and preventing damage claims.

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Scared straight

What are you doing at your washes to stress the importance of safety?

Sonny's CarWash College
A 360-approach to customer safety

Using technology, monitoring and employee training to create a safe and secure wash site.

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How to prevent crime at your carwash

Too often, we think crime only happens to others.

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