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Site selection and design: Surveillance

AKRON, Ohio — Keep your lines of sight clear.

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5 benefits of surveillance systems

It’s important not to skimp on surveillance.

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Wash Wisdom: Setting up a surveillance system

Getting the proper coverage requires attention to detail and research.

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New York pushing new business cybersecurity law

ALBANY, N.Y. — As more information is exposed in breaches, the state is looking to tighten cybersecurity measures.

How to protect your pay stations

Prevent theft by turning your pay terminals into fortresses.

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Wash Wisdom: 10 tips to prevent your carwash from being burglarized

Keep crime to a minimum with these prevention practices.

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New surveillance system upgrades

A look at new surveillance technology available to the carwash industry.

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A look into surveillance system upgrades

Learn why today’s versatile cameras and networks are easier to install and use.

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Test shows carwashes can be hacked, become weapons

NEW YORK — A researcher tested his theory that online carwashes could attack vehicles.

Security breach
Infographic: Modern surveillance system benefits

From preventing theft to reducing damage claims, surveillance systems are critical.

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POS system hack affecting carwashes nationwide

CHARLESTON/SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Two carwashes in South Carolina recently reported a malware incident that’s part of a larger national problem.

Hacker breaches carwash payment system

LOS ANGELES — A hacker installed malware in a POS system.

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