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PC&D Unscripted 46: Chuck Howard’s Tips to Starting a Carwash

Chuck Howard, CEO of Howco Inc. and Autobell Car Wash, discusses planning for a new carwash.

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Planning for the optimal vacuum system

Select a powerful, impressive vacuum system by asking the right questions.

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Fortune favors boldness in branding

A standout appearance brings in more customers.

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Wash Talk Ep. 80: The Basics of Carwash Site Design

This audio reading of “The basics of carwash site design” discusses what you need to consider when planning your carwash site.

Optimizing throughput to overcome carwash congestion

Steady pace with plenty of space wins the race.

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Wash Talk Ep. 56: Un-risky Business

This audio reading of “Un-risky business” discusses site selection tips that go beyond “location, location, location.”

Risk tolerance

As carwash competition closes in, how will your business perform?

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4 ways to reduce risk in site selection

Everyone knows it’s about “location, location, location,” but those are simply table stakes.

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Q&A on the importance of a distributor

OPW Vehicle Wash Systems’ Mark Tentis explains how distributors are critical in determining site success.

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PC&D Unscripted Ep. 10: The Potential of Compact Tunnel Carwashes

Pierre Leclercq, tunnel manager for Mark VII Equipment Inc., discusses the benefits and selling points of compact tunnels.

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Demo permit filed for iconic carwash

SEATTLE — Elephant Car Wash has operated in the city since 1956 and it is now the subject of demolition.

Board set to hear carwash application

MARLBORO, N.J. — The city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment will hear the application next week that proposes the construction of a new carwash.