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Carwash approved despite heavy opposition

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — Despite hearing no arguments in favor of the carwash, the city council voted to issue it a conditional zoning certificate.

Wash Talk Ep. 31: How to Create a Successful Brand

John Roush, CEO of Express Wash Concepts, offers tips for branding a carwash and how to create a fun theme.

5 reasons to remodel your carwash

Use slower times to accelerate your renovation plans.

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Wash Talk Ep. 22: This Land is Your Land

This audio reading of “This land is your land” discusses how to choose the best land for your carwash.

Wash Talk Ep. 18: Arch Design

This audio reading of “Arch design” discusses how to optimize arches’ usefulness in terms of both form and function.

Carwash Connection: Conveyor length and throughput

AKRON, Ohio — What are the recommended lengths for conveyors and the average throughputs for different conveyor carwash types?

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Podcast: Why is Phoenix a hotspot for carwashes?

PHOENIX — Valley 101 interviewed Eric Wulf and others to explain this phenomenon.

The maze of issues with zoning and permits

A map to navigating the labyrinth of red tape for building a carwash.

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Making the wash format conversion

Changing wash types the right way.

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Wash Talk Ep. 8: Flow and Grow with Site Design

This audio reading of “Flow and grow with site design” discusses how to choose and design an A-plus location.

Wash Talk Ep. 3: The threat of oversaturation

Consultant Chris McKenna discusses the dangers of oversaturated markets on individual washes.

Flow and grow with site design

Experts offer tips to elevate convenience and experience.

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