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How becoming an eco-friendly carwash can save you money

Get greenbacks for going green.

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Managing carwash energy costs

How technology helps carwash owners curtail energy use as utility prices surge.

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Carwash utility bill and environmental savers

Saving resources and money around the carwash.

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How carwashes can cut utility costs

With the right strategies in place, carwashes can reduce water and sewer payments while boosting profits.

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Q&A: Waste oil can generate huge savings for quick lubes

In this special Q&A, Virgil Zook, sales manager for Clean Energy Heating Systems, discusses how car care businesses can turn waste oil into profit.

Virgil Zook, sales manager for Clean Energy Heating Systems,
Infographic highlights how spray nozzles can save money

COLUMBIA, Pa. — According to the Kleen-Rite Corp. infographic, a carwash can save thousands of dollars with the right spray nozzle.

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The devastation of arc flash burns

The results are often violent and can lead to serious injury, or death, when someone is near.

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Soap identified as cause of green water

GREENWICH, Penn. — The investigation discovered an employee at the wash dumped about five to 10 gallons of soap concentrate into a storm drain March 27.

Solar washes: Brightening the future

Save money and energy with the power of the sun.

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Building code violations shut down wash

CHICAGO — The carwash owners said in the court filing they have lost $30,000 in business during the three days the business has been shut down.

Fire damages customer cars inside detail shop

MOSES LAKE, Wash. — Firefighters moved some of the cars out of the building, and none were lost.

Mobil station obtains initial authorization for new carwash

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The c-store will still need approval from other agencies before construction can begin.