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Video: Timelapse of a carwash in Dubai

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — Watch in high speed as this two-man team works in a modern carwash.

Video: Cactus location wins beautification award

DOUGLASVILLE, GA — The site transformed form “an eye-sore to a beautiful, interesting landscape.”

Video: Vintage carwash toy

Did anyone have this Mr. Kelly’s Toy Car-Wash and Wax (circa 1964), showing a full-serve conveyor, when they were a kid?

Video: Proper correction after dealer neglect

This video shows detailers correcting and sealing a car fresh off the lot. Is dealer neglect a common problem?

Video: How to detail a Ferrari

Watch a video of a Ferrari 288 GTO getting detailed by a professional at Esoteric Auto Detail in Columbus, OH.

Video: Step-by-step headlight restoration

Watch and learn the steps of how to properly restore headlights in this how-to video.

Video: View a full paint correction

Watch as the detailer in this video performs a wash, polish and full paint correction on a Nissan GTR.

Video report: Carwash honored for hiring practices

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — The owners of Bubbles Car Wash received a philanthropy award for their hiring practices.

Video: Airborne Nissan smashes into carwash

MIAMI GARDENS, FL — The vehicle sped through the front fence of LuLu’s carwash and smashed into the building.

Video: Carbon fiber Koenigsegg gets a detail

Watch as the workers clean the exterior and interior of the sleek racing machine after a hard day on the track.

Before-and-after video: Getting a Ferrari washed

MONACO, FRANCE — The rumbling red sports car leaves the scene dirty, but it soon returns looking clean and shiny.