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The 2012 Car Wash Show™

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For this special edition e-Newsletter, we here at Professional Carwashing & Detailing decided to present you with important information you need to know about the recent Car Wash Show™, which was held in Las Vegas (May 7-9) at the Sands Expo Convention Center.
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Mike Ditka on carwashing and the importance of practice
During his speech at The Car Wash Show™, Mike Ditka covered a number of subjects, including carwashes, his rookie season and his respect for Vince Lombardi.
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The sun sets on another Car Wash Show™
Attendee numbers are up and so is everyone's optimism about the rest of the year ahead.
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Bill Martin inducted into the Car Wash Hall of Fame
LAS VEGAS — The 2012 Car Wash Hall of Fame inductee started washing cars in his front yard at the age of 14. During his carwashing career, he's been a supplier representative, owned multiple carwashes and served as president of the ICA.
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The 2013 Car Wash Show™
The dates, time and place have been announced.
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Arcadian Services Belanger, Inc. Belanger, Inc.
Belanger, Inc. KLOPP International, Inc. Proto-Vest, Inc.
Simoniz USA, Inc. The Dryer Pros Turtle Wax, Inc.
Ultimate Products, Inc

Arcadian Services

Arcadian's Optima®-PB is changing presoak! Don't miss out on this great cleaner at remarkable cost savings. Advanced cleaning with newly enhanced foaming action. Provides superior cleaning at only $140 per drum! Try it free today!

Call us for more information. 800-BUY-SOAP.
www.arcadianservices.com or email us at [email protected]

Belanger, Inc.

DuraJet™ Arch

Belanger's patent-pending DuraJet™ Arch generates customer interest with LED illuminated manifolds, zero-degree 'turbo' nozzles and intriguing 'Sway & Spray'™ trapezoidal motion – while the Twist-N-Flip™ nozzle action targets vehicle fronts, sides, backs and mirrors.

Because the 'Sway & Spray'™ motion emulates a handheld hose's arcing application, it helps deliver 'The Best Of The Driveway, With The Convenience Of The Wash Bay'™. All while the LED-illuminated manifolds and bold powder-coated finish 'Turns Traffic Count Into A Bank Account'™.

For more information call 248-349-7010 or visit

Belanger, Inc.

Durameleon Arch Series

Belanger's Durameleon™ Arch Series is built to perform – and the available patent-pending Twist-N-Flip™ top and side nozzles deliver the most complete application coverage ever. The appealing LED-illuminated manifold lenses are available in a bright translucent look and three vivid backlit colors – or choose optional black manifold covers. Plus you can choose from seven bold powder-coated arch colors.

What's more, stainless steel manifolds allow flexible chemical use, with configurations available for Presoak, Wax, Rinse and Spot-Free.

For more information call 248-349-7010 or visit

Belanger, Inc.


Belanger's DuraBlaster™ Wheel Cleaner is the industry's smoothest lateral-pivot wheel cleaner, engineered for reliable tracking, high-impact cleaning and pleasantly quiet operation. The reason for its steady tracking is the patent-pending mechanism, that converts pneumatic piston travel directly into rotary motion.

To ensure total coverage – including the sidewall and entire rim – the DuraBlaster™ uses twin stacked 8" diameter spinners per side, that together use 8 zero-degree nozzles to clean the wheel with multiple angles of attack.

For more information call 248-349-7010 or visit

KLOPP International, Inc.

KLOPP International, Inc has been a U.S. manufacturer of high quality, economically priced coin handling equipment since 1931. Our superb reputation in the carwash industry for having accuracy, dependability and almost no service has been justifiably earned through the test of time.

KLOPP machines consist of cast aluminum and hardened steel, not plastic, are fully made in the U.S.A. and can count Wet Coins.

Our extensive line of money handling equipment includes: coin counters, coin sorters, coin counting scales, currency counter/sorters and coin wrapper crimpers.

[email protected], www.kloppcoin.com

Proto-Vest, Inc.

May '12

Get ready for the ultimate drying experience from Proto-Vest with the powerful IP Stripper package! This package provides unmatched drying performance at the most demanding line speeds with just 85 hp (total!) and features the IP Stripper, S130 and TailWind RM dryers. This entire package is completely controlled by the IP Stripper and provides extensive vehicle coverage including the back windows of vans and SUVs without the need of any functions from your controller! Each dryer is also equipped with the Airgate to further save energy between vehicles, making this package a low horsepower, high performance dryer combination that is perfect for any conveyor operation!

Proto-Vest, Inc.,
7400 N. Glen Harbor Blvd., Glendale, AZ 85307
[email protected], www.protovest.com
Local 623-872-8300, Toll Free 800-521-8218

Simoniz USA, Inc.

The company that defined and delivered the express detail model to the industry…aka Simoniz® Express Detailing,

The company that automated (on line) the #1 extra service product in the industry…aka the Tire Shiner™,

The company that brought the first credible sealant into the market place…partnered with Dupont and the Teflon® brand and proved through independent lab testing that this sealant lasted 30 days on the vehicle…aka Simoniz® Double Bond™,

Has now reduced hand waxing of cars to a push button…a unique application that applies an actual carnauba wax to the entire vehicle…aka Simoniz® Hot Wax & Shine™.

Tel: (800) 227-5536, Fax: (860) 645-6070

The Dryer Pros

The Crosswind is the latest addition to The Dryer Pros line of state-of-the-art dryers. Its unique and bold design along with its exceptional performance makes it a perfect dryer for medium volume car washes. Overlapping top nozzles are located just off center and are angled slightly toward the opposite side to efficiently strip water off horizontal surfaces. Strategically placed side nozzles complete the job providing extraordinary results.

The Dryer Pros

Turtle Wax, Inc.

Turtle Wax is proud to introduce its newest product offering – Turtle Wax Classic! Classic is a high performance, affordable, ready-to-use product line-up backed by the most recognized brand name in the industry. The entire Classic line will be available in 30 gal drums with a small selection of items available in 55 gal as well. Contact Turtle Wax for more information on the new Classic product line as well as distributor opportunities.

[email protected], www.turtlewaxpro.com

Ultimate Products, Inc

Illuminator Polycarbonate Door is ideal for year round, virtually maintenance free service with excellent weather protection. The Rust Proof Package includes HDPE Ultimate Rollers, HDPE Hinges, Bearings. Easy Maintenance Air Operators operates the door quickly smoothly between vehicles. The Illuminator Glider Door is a low profile polycarbonate door offering protection, performance, security with a profile of only 9". Electraflex Premiere Vinyl Doors offers exclusive EM1Waterproof Electric Motors. The EM1 Electric Motor that is protected from any harsh environment and includes a waterproof control box and safety eyes. The EM1 Motors are quiet, reliable and far exceed the capabilities and performance of any motor on the market and includes a battery backup.