For those of you who like to plan well ahead, you can mark your calendars for next year's Car Wash Show™ as the dates, time and place have been announced, according to the International Carwash Association® website.

The 2013 Car Wash Show will be held from April 22–24, 2013, and once again at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

This may be the last time it will be held in Las Vegas as it has already been announced that the 2014 Show will be held in Chicago. According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, the switch is due to labor reforms which ultimately will lower costs for those exhibiting at the McCormick Place exhibition hall.

However, please note that an official statement has not been released by the ICA or Eric Wulf.

In June 2011, PC&D reported that the International Carwash Association™ decided not to hold the 2013 Show in Chicago due to certain “work rules.” Eric Wulf, CEO and executive director of the ICA, said challenges being presented by several unions contributed to their decision to not pursue a venue in Chicago. They had considered the McCormick Place in Chicago because it would allow for exhibitors to set up their own booths. A June 13 Las Vegas Review-Journal story stated that legislation enacted in 2010 by the state of Illinois would have allowed exhibitors to set up their own booths, but unions “tied up” the legislation and now there was a possibility that the legislation would not be enforced by 2013.

In the March 28 Chicago Sun-Times story, Wulf said Chicago is a “world-class city and a world class convention venue.”

“Our exhibitors under the old format would not have been able to set up their own booths. That was the rule. The new environment allows exhibitors to use hand tools and set up their own booths,” he said in the story. “We have somewhat specialized equipment that makes that an important part of our show. Given the changes, McCormick Place has become a very competitive place to locate [in],” Wulf said.

Wulf said he was shown an audit of exhibitor costs and said the “reductions across the board” gave them comfort that Chicago was a good choice for the show.

In a statement released by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, he stated, “I am pleased that the Car Wash Show is coming to Chicago and its more than 6,000 attendees will have a chance to experience all the great things our city has to offer…. Attracting shows like this is a central focus of our comprehensive business and tourism strategy. They create jobs for our residents and foster economic opportunity throughout the city. We will continue to seek more exciting shows that will bring thousands of visitors to Chicago.”

Don Welsh, president and CEO of the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau, said in the story that The Car Wash Show represents the ideal-sized group to complement Chicago’s mid-sized and citywide business. “We look forward to welcoming all attendees to what is now the most customer-friendly convention and trade show destination in the country as a result of labor reform,” he said in the story.