The 2014 Top 50 List - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

The 2014 Top 50 List

This top 50 list is made up of the nation’s largest conveyor carwash chains, and they are ranked by their number of locations.

This top 50 list is made up of the nation’s largest conveyor carwash chains, and they are ranked by their number of locations. This information was provided by the company or the company’s website. Other chains may qualify for this list, but they were not included in 2014 because the number of locations could not be verified by a company representative. For different chains that have the same number of locations, they share a ranking and have been listed alphabetically.

1: Mister Car Wash, Tuscon, Ariz.                   134

Mister Car Wash continued its growth in 2014 and remained the largest conveyor carwash operator in the U.S. Sold in August of 2014 to Leonard Green & Partners, Mister Car Wash’s previous owner, ONCAP II, grew the chain from 39 locations in 2007 to its industry-leading size. Its philosophy continues to be providing high-quality, speedy service in welcoming, comfortable settings.

2: Autobell Car Wash, Charlotte, N.C.                          65

Founded in 1969 in Charlotte by the late Charles Howard Sr., Autobell Car Wash has 65 locations in North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia and remains privately held and operated by the Howard family. The company is well known for its water conservation procedures and employee certification training program, and it has received recognition from utilities, governments and media for its environmental commitment; community and employee relations; and its scholarship and charity carwash programs.

3: Wash Depot, Malden, Mass.                                      52

Founded in 1995, Wash Depot operates the Simoniz Car Wash, Sparkling Image Car Wash and Eager Beaver Car Wash brands. Growing from 16 locations to more than 50, Wash Depot holdings include conveyor carwashes as well as detailing and lube services.

4: Goo Goo Express Wash, Columbus, Ga.         36

Since 1945 Goo Goo Express Wash has met the needs of the driving public by giving customers a quality carwash with fast, economical, great service. The Goo Goo 3 Minute Express Wash tunnel is packed with cutting edge equipment. Gentle microfiber cloth and Neoglide foam ensure vehicles are safely and thoroughly cleaned. Goo Goo uses specially formulated soaps and waxes to produce a finished product that meets customers’ expectations.

5: Boomerang Carwash, North Little Rock, Ark.


The newest addition to the top five, Boomerang Carwash operates based on a mission statement of providing “the highest quality express carwash and exceptional customer service at all times resulting in customer loyalty and a repeat customer-base.” Started in 1995, the chain utilizes high-end equipment and chemicals and calls on its own service team that has built 40 tunnels collectively. The chain has also developed a strong brand built on common imagery and positive reputation.

6: Delta Sonic, Buffalo, N.Y.                                            28

7: Crew Carwash, Indianapolis, Ind.                            26

8: Octopus Car Wash, Albuquerque, N.M./Madison, Wis. 24

9: Wash Tub Car Wash, San Antonio, Texas              22

10: Brown Bear Car Wash, Seattle, Wash.                 21

11: Kaady Car Wash, Portland, Ore.                             19

(11): Nouria Energy, Worcester, Mass.                         19

(11): Waterway Gas & Wash Co., St. Louis, Mo.         19

12: Letavis Cloth Wash, Swartz Creek, Mich.              16

(12): Prime Shine Car Wash, Modesto, Calif.             16

(12): Quick Quack Car Wash, Carmichael, Calif.       16

(12): Splash Car Wash, Greenwich, Conn.                 16

13: Car Spa Inc., Dallas, Texas                                      15

(13): Golden Nozzle Car Wash, Springfield, Mass.    15

(13): Hoffman Car Wash, Albany, N.Y.                           15

(13): Mike’s Carwash, Cincinnati, Ohio/Fort Wayne, Ind. 15

(13): ScrubaDub, Natick, Mass.                                    15

14: Car Wash USA Express, Byhalia, Miss.                14

(14): Fullers Car Wash, Hinsdale, Ill.                           14

(14): Mr. Sparkle Car Washes, South Windsor, Conn. 14

(14): Washman Car Washes, Portland, Ore.              14

15: Danny’s Family Car Wash, Scottsdale, Ariz.         13

16: Zips, Tulsa, Okla.                                                       12

17: Cascades Car Wash, North Richland Hills, Texas 11

(17): Haffner’s Car Care Group, Lawrence, Mass.    11

(17): Scrub-a-Dub, West Allis, Wis.                              11

18: Shammy Shine, Milford, N.J.                                   10

(18): Super Car Wash, Royal Oaks, Mich.                   10

(18): Super Shine Auto Wash, Braintree, Mass.         10

19: Cactus Car Wash, Charleston, S.C.                      9

(19): Elephant Car Wash, Auburn, Wash.                   9

20: Car Pool Inc., Richmond, Va.                                   8

(20): Jett Express Car Wash, Arlington, Texas            8

(20): Fabulous Freddy’s, Las Vegas, Nev.                   8

(20): Flag Stop Carwash, Chester, Va.                         8

(20): PDQ Car Wash, Green Bay, Wis.                         8

(20): Star Car Wash/Speedway Car Wash, Plano, Texas 8

21: Benny’s Car Wash, Baton Rouge, La.                   6

(21): Mr. Wash Car Wash, Washington, D.C.              6

(21): Paradise Car Wash and Detail Center, Bloomington, Minn. 6

(21): Rain Tunnel Express Car Wash, St. Louis, Mo. 6

(21): Southland Auto Wash, Grand Rapids, Mich.      6

(21): Triangle Car Wash, Palmyra, Penn.                    6

(21): Ultra Car Wash, Atlanta, Ga.                                  6

(21): White Glove Car Wash, Wilmington, Del.            6

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