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The Autobiography of the Hydrominder

Hi! I'm your Hydrominder. Do you remember me?


Hi! I’m your Hydrominder. Do you remember me? I’m the guy in your equipment room that controls chemical usage, strength, colors, fragrance levels, foaminess, performance and more! I can make or break you, especially if you ignore me! I work hard for you and do exactly what you tell me, a silent employee, but every once in a while, I need some attention. Here are some tips for maintaining me:

  1. Remember that all chemicals are different viscosities (thicknesses) so you cannot rely on the tip color and its corresponding ratio. Did you know this ratio only refers to the ratio using a water thin product? Concentrates are MUCH thicker than water and will not be used at an 80:1 ratio with a tip that says 80:1. To determine usage you will have to learn to flow test your chemical.
  2. A way to determine whether your Hydrominder is functioning at peak performance is to perform a test. Use a stop watch and run the line wide open for one Hydrominder for one minute then measure the volume change in the tank. Then, with a helper, do the same but open up the other 3 Hydrominders at the same time. If your volume change from the second test differs dramatically from the first test – with only one Hydrominder functioning – you could have a problem. As a rule of thumb if your fill falls below 2 gallons a minute, you could be weakening your chemicals at peak usage times. Adding a booster pump off of a holding tank should resolve this problem.
  3. Take an occasional look to make sure chemical dilution tips, water flow and float systems are intact and operational.
  4. Check incoming screen/filter for debris at least once a year. Note: With new construction, you should check a few days after you have been running. I found a nail in one before. Very Important!
  5. Keep me clean, because if I do ever break down, you are less likely to get chemicals all over you. I would recommend an annual cleaning of the container, removing bugs, dirt and anything else dropped in there during a repair.
  6. Change incoming chemical lines at least once a year.
  7. Change hose barb where tips are inserted at least once a year.
  8. Inspect tips at least once a quarter and track what tips are used for each application. If an employee or manager changes a tip to “improve” something, you need to be aware that this could add up to severe performance issues or overuse.
  9. Keep a spare Hydrominder, diaphragms and a repair kit on hand, so you can easily replace or repair.
  10. Know which size Hydrominder you use. Do you know that there are many different sizes of Hydrominders with different flows?

I’m sure there are more things you may personally do at your own wash, but these are just a few pointers that can make your operation run a little smoother.

Chris Taff – Regional Manager Southwest
Company: Blendco Systems

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