One mistake that can and should be avoided is thinking that a crime won’t happen at your shop, even if you are located in a relatively safe neighborhood. According to Mike Benmosche, carwash program manager for Mang Insurance Agency, the biggest mistake an operator can make is thinking “they don't have a lot of cash on hand so they aren't worried about it being stolen.”

Unfortunately, according to Benmosche, equipment can be damaged and that always costs a lot more than the amount of cash stolen. “We have paid in excess of $15,000 just to replace the machinery,” he said.

Mike Domby, sales and operations manager at Techway Systems Inc., recommended getting an idea of the amount of crime that happens in your area as well. “We often take our locations for granted and assume we'll be safe. I would recommend they talk with local law enforcement in the area to get an idea of the crimes and crime rates.”