New London, Conn. — While the weather has led to slush and salt on cars, it hasn’t changed business much for local wash owners, according to

“There’s just too much snow,” said Noah Levine, owner of Rapid Car Wash. “Too much of a good thing.”

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Levine said customers are leery to get a carwash because they think they’ll need another wash shortly after, or as he said it, “until they go to the [next] traffic light.”

Colonial Car Wash owner, Herbert Nyberg agrees with Levine that business hasn't been great this winter. He has had to close his wash multiple times this month due to the severe weather.

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When the temperature dips below 25 degrees, the state uses magnesium chloride, which combined with salt, can corrode vehicles. Nyberg and Levine both suggest getting a wash to remove the salt and chemicals in this case.

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