The NRCC’s keynote speaker talks with PC&D - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

The NRCC’s keynote speaker talks with PC&D

Perry Powell will speak at the 23rd annual Northeast Regional Carwash Convention in Atlantic City in October.

The 23rd annual Northeast Regional Carwash Convention (NRCC), which is being hosted by the Connecticut Carwash Association, will be held from October 1-3 at the Trump Taj Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The show will cover 60,000 feet of exhibitor space and will feature over 250 booths.

Topics of discussion at the education sessions will include: Understanding an effective equipment maintenance program and how it impacts your bottom line; labor laws and unionization; borrowing other great marketing techniques from other industries; and a new way to look at marketing, featuring this year’s keynote speaker, Perry Powell.

Powell, a commercial sign and image consultant has more than 18 years of experience in the signage industry. He contributed the book “What is Your Signage?” and had served on the Transportation Research Board’s On-Premise Sign Sub-Committee as well as the Public Policy Panel of the National Signage Research Symposium. He works to help owners with creating the right signage and image for their business, including the placement “of science-based signs, neuro-marketing menus, neuro-marketing sales presentations, and conducting hearings before cities,” according to his website.

Powell will speak on Oct. 2 before the International Carwash Association™ address and awards presentation. I recently had the privilege of talking to him about his speech, and his feelings on being chosen as the speaker.

Debra Gorgos: How do you feel about being selected as this year’s keynote speaker?

Perry Powell: After 16 years in the industry, I appreciate the confidence of the NRCC in extending an invitation to be the keynote speaker. I look forward to sharing a real world perception of how some of the industry functions.

Debra Gorgos: Can you give us the inside scoop as to what it is you will talk about?

Perry Powell: Crash Test Dummies. Don’t be a carwash crash test dummy! In the auto industry, the idea of allowing a few dummies to crash before you put children, in a new model of car, is good business. Many times owners don’t allow a few dummies to crash with new business and marketing ideas before they implement them. The results equal a lot of pain! My address and discussion will be a sometimes humorous look at how business people can often miss the mark. I am also presenting a crash test dummy-themed educational session during the show on the six areas where I see carwash owners losing profits.

Debra Gorgos: How did you go about choosing your topic of discussion?

Perry Powell: Observing owners, in their natural habitats, has given me some insight into how business crashes happen. I thought that if we ran our business the way the auto industry runs theirs, crash testing new ideas, we might have fewer financial wrecks. I want to motivate owners, new and used, to look at their businesses in a whole new way.

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