ATLANTA — As an experiment, the blogger recommends calling different detail shops to see what the price of a “full detail" service is, and note how different they all will be. The reason why is that all detail shops have different packages and vary in how much time they spend on a vehicle, according to a Detailed Image blog.

There is confusion among customers as to exactly what they’re paying for, which can lead to a customer feeling a service is greatly overpriced, according to the article. If detailers created more transparency in what a customer was purchasing, there would be a better understanding of true value.

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Many customers are focused on the price of the detailing work, and not the quality, which leads customers to being frustrated with either the high cost of the detailing, or the low quality of the work that is done.

Detailers should be sure to spell out exactly what they offer in all promotional materials, and when speaking with customers, to communicate clearly on what a detailing service includes.

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