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The vending myths versus the facts

One expert debunks the myths on vending trends and security.


According to James H. Holve, owner of ShurVendPlus Vendors, there are a lot of myths about vending machines. Thankfully, he's on hand to clear those up and offer up the truth behind what makes them work, and not work, at your business.

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Myth: All wash sites offer customers many choices in vending products.

Fact: There are still new wash sites that offer no vending at all or just a few selections.

Myth: The vending center is best located near the bill changer (which used to provide coins for the drop shelves) which is usually in the front of the wash.

Fact: The new computer-controlled multi-vendor has its own bill and coin acceptor as well as credit card systems that can be remotely monitored in real time or connected wirelessly to computers for card verification and daily reports of vendor sales (both cash and credit) emailed to the operator. This vending center should be located in or near the vacuum area of the wash site. The vacuum area of a wash is the only place where the customer can spend un-metered time cleaning his/her car.


Myth: There are a limited number of carwash products that sell at a wash site.

Fact: If you look in any catalog you will see hundreds of items to sell and many new and unusual ones to “liven” up the selections offered.

Myth: Security is difficult or impossible to achieve for a computer-controlled vending center with a glass window.

Fact: The new security structures and money handling protection along with video surveillance make the computer-controlled vending center very secure.


Myth: The income from vending sales is not a significant contributor to the wash site cash flow.

Fact: When properly secured and located, the computer-controlled multi-vendor can contribute 12-15 percent of the gross revenue at a carwash site.


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