COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — According to, a suspect is still on the loose after a botched auto theft attempt at a carwash.

On Sept. 18th, a man approached an employee at Water Works Car Wash near S. Nevada and E. Cimarron St., claiming that an SUV belonged to him and that he was in a hurry, the article continued.

Then, the man jumped into the SUV and drove off, the article noted.

While fleeing with the SUV, the suspect ran into a parked vehicle on S. Weber St. and continued northbound, but he eventually abandoned the vehicle on the street because it was too damaged to drive any further, the article reported.

The criminal escaped on foot, heading westbound through a business, the article noted.

Witnesses described him as a white or Hispanic man of medium build and said he was bleeding from his face, the article noted.

Officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to find him; no others were injured due to the accident, the article concluded.

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