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Think custom when caring for leather car interiors

Bring plush custom upholstery care to any vehicle.


Auto enthusiasts turn to custom car interiors to individualize their vintage and modern cars. Customized leather car interiors also allow for differentiation between cars of the same model beyond the traditional paint job. To help drivers make the right choice when customizing their vehicle, Tony Macri, owner and founder of Toronto aftermarket business TM Custom Auto, shares his tips for what makes a head-turning, functional custom leather car interior.

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Custom plush leather car interiors

Automobile upholstery and quality leather seat repair services continue to be in demand. If you offer auto repair services, then the next time you are tuning up a customer’s car, take a look to see if the interior is due for a check-up as well. A combination of general wear and tear, the elements or animals in the backseat can result in leather damage. Solutions can include restoring worn leather seats to new by reconditioning them and providing custom fabric stitching to suit individual needs. If your carwash has a trained professional on staff, he or she should be able to identify the color match for leather and which authentic fabrics to use for the car’s model, in keeping with its make.


Know your options

When it comes to general seat maintenance, every car is different. As a detailing professional, you should know what suits customers’ cars best — from full or partial replacement of sections of seats or sections of leather and cloth, seam and embroidery work, to replacing individual seat springs and foam pads. It may be that your customer’s original car seating is either aesthetically or functionally compromised. Ensure your staff uses factory warrantied, original equipment that matches the automobile — when that is not possible, they can restore or update using custom crafted materials.

Seat replacement

Sometimes the age or condition of an auto interior necessitates total seat replacement. In this case, you may be able to offer heated and cooled leather seating capability as part of a car’s interior upgrades and modifications. Ensure your staff conceals all wiring and the heat element controller out of view. Some restoration companies specialize in seating for all car makes and models by building entire seats from the frame up so they look and feel perfect. If you are performing services which also include bench seats for cargo vans and buses, ensure comfort that fits in with the general look of the car.


Interior accessories

According to a study done by the Harvard Health Watch, an average American spends 101 minutes per day driving, meaning an average of 37,935 hours driving a car over a lifetime (assuming that he/she starts driving at 17 and drives until 78.7 years old). With this in mind, it’s understandable that car accessories that aid convenience are popular additions to any car, vintage or modern. Interior accessories that can be found online or in shops include rubber floor mats, ashtrays, drink holders, seat covers, pedal pads, mobile device accessories and more. An aftermarket provider can even help you color match accessories such as molded carpets.


Tony Macri is the owner and founder of Toronto aftermarket business TM Custom Auto. TM Custom Auto specializes in restoring, customizing and modernizing the interiors of new, antique, vintage and muscle cars. The company was founded in 1958 by Anthony (Tony) Macri, and has been serving the GTA for over 50 years. TM Custom Auto works on a variety of areas, including leather interiors, power sun roofs, specialty auto trim, convertible tops and more, and always uses factory-warrantied, original equipment unless custom-made equipment or material is required. The company is an authorized dealer for Webasto sunroofs and Katzkin® leather interiors. Visit to learn more, or check it out on Facebook and Twitter.

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