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Third generation owner adds new carwash/detail center

TONAWANDA, NY — After buying the family business in 2008, Bobby Marchenese brought the chain here in 2012.

TONAWANDA, NY — A third generation carwasher bought a new location that includes full interior detailing services, reported.

The Feb. 4 story stated that Bobby Marchenese bought the family business in 2008 and brought the chain here last year. The wash property was last remodeled in April of 2012.

Water-friendly wash chain opening new location

“I learned about the carwash in Tonawanda being for sale and drove up several times to look at the wash and the surrounding area. Tonawanda seemed like a nice area with the potential to have a successful car wash. The wash itself needed quite a bit of upgrades which we did as soon as we took ownership,” Marchenese said in the story.

Here, a full interior detail costs $75. The service takes at least three hours, and the interior is steam cleaned.

Grant awarded to unique detailing operation

“The price is definitely good here, and we already have the quality and the customer service,” Marchenese continued in the article. “As a family owned business, we definitely focus on customer service.”

Read the entire article here.

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