ONEIDA, N.Y. — Community Car Wash has opened its third location while the state has bought out other properties in the area, according to the Oneida Dispatch.

Owner Ken Brewer is glad to keep business in the area. “The car wash business is going well, and I wanted to have another location here in Oneida to provide customers with more options,” he said in the article.

Brewer added in the article that his business can help the city move forward after major flooding in June 2013.

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The building was purchased in June 2014. Brewer added fresh paint and did other maintenance, including replacing pumps, reported the article.

The location will support charities, which can advertise on his forthcoming sign, noted the article.

Community Car Wash offers unlimited wash packages for $29.99 at all locations, stated the article. It offers a touch-free, automatic wash or self-serve option.

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