FRESNO, CA ― A thief  was caught on the camera he was attempting to steal at the Surf Thru Carwash here, KFSN reported.

The Dec. 18 story quoted Owner Todd Gall who said, "I was shocked here we have cameras missing when we show up at work one day obviously everything's being recorded so we went back and played it back and saw his face, obviously it caught everything in action."

Fresno Police Sgt. Eric Hodge said they couldn't ask for better evidence.

Carwash and lube location catches burglary on video

"That subject provided great video of himself as he stole those cameras. But we also have an increase in thefts of video cameras from throughout the north end of the city," he said in the story. "Several businesses have been hit where they climb up behind the camera, dislodge them and take them out."

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