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Tidal Wave Car Wash proposes again for the same site

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — After a two-year delay, the carwash tries to establish itself on an old Shoney’s lot.


FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — According to www.thecitizen.com, Tidal Wave Car Wash is attempting to establish itself on a former Shoney’s restaurant property in Fayetteville, Georgia, once again after having first attempted to do so two years ago.

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The proposal to build there, however, was tabled on June 27th, the article continued, in order to give the planning council more time to review it, as some of the information submitted had not arrived in time for the council to review it beforehand.

The proposal requests a special exception to establish the business on the site, the article noted.

However, the project has already come before the council previously, the article stated.

In May 2014, the council voted 4-1 to approve Tidal Wave’s request to rezone the lot from C-2 (community commercial) to C-3 (highway commercial), and a special exception that would allow a carwash to be built on the site also passed 4-1.


Then, in a rare turn of events, former Mayor Greg Clifton vetoed that approval, but the council then overturned his veto in June 2014 on another four-to-one vote.

“[Also] in 2014, this property became a part of a legal suit filed by Mr. Reeves, a competing business owner, and remained in litigation for the past two years. Earlier this year, the city learned that the property owner [Tidal Wave] of 750 N. Glynn St. won the case, and he began the process to seek development of the property,” said City Planner LaShawn Gardiner.

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