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Tips on social media from a carwash business that ‘gets it’

DETROIT — Detail XPerts has 15,000 followers on Twitter, and over 4,500 on Facebook. The company president talked to PC&D about how they’ve used social media to improve their business, and relations the company has with its customers and other businesses.           


DETROIT — Social media is very important in the modern business world, but what often gets lost in talking about the importance of social media is how to actually go about using it effectively.              

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Detail XPerts is one of the companies that “gets it.” The eco-friendly carwash and detailing business has nearly 20,000 combined followers between Facebook and Twitter. PC&D talked to Detail XPerts President Angela Williams about how the company uses social media to improve its business and the customer experience.

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“What social media does and will continue to do for businesses such as ours is making us relevant,” said Williams.

Detail XPerts sees social media as more of a conversation, than as a sales pitch for its products. “When an audience starts to make a connection with what we do and how that translates to what they need, no matter how long that may take, we, as a business, become more of a friend or a much-needed solution than a profit generating entity.”

Social media isn’t only a way to communicate to the Detail XPerts audience, but also for the company to have a two-way communication with other experts in the field. “Social Media platforms  …  have brought us closer not only to our target market but to the people who need what we have and understand our core mission, that is, making available and accessible not just detailing or car wash services but an environmentally conscious auto spa solution as well,” said Williams.


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Your business may never gain a huge following on social media, but that doesn’t mean you're using it ineffectively. It's also a way to learn. “Social Media is essentially our window to the world that gives us the leverage in terms of understanding who needs us and our services,” she said.

Next week we’ll have part two of this interview, in which we talk to Detail XPerts  President Angela Williams about how to make different social media platforms work for those in the carwash business.


Part 2

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