COPLEY, OH — A carwash was recently added on as an additional profit center at a Conrad's Tire Service Inc. here in early April, a story reported.

The April 29 story said the carwash was added on at the 34 Conrad's location. The carwash has a 24-hour automatic LaserWash bay and a self-serve vacuum island.

Chain looks to replace 30-year-old multi-profit site

Pat Tumino, the fixed assets manager for Conrad's, said this is the only location that will have a carwash due to space restrictions or too much competition at other locations.

“This is something we wanted to do for years," Tumino said in the story. "And in Copley it all made sense in that it was a big enough property, there was not any carwashes in the general vicinity, and it seemed to be one that made sense for us….Primarily it's to provide a service for our customers. They can come in, get their car done and maybe they're done with their oil change, they can get their car washed.

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