BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — To close out the year, Professional Carwashing & Detailing has compiled a list of the top 10 news stories from 2016 covered in Carwash eNews.

Which stories piqued readers’ interests the most this year? You will have to wait until the Dec. 29 newsletter to peruse through the list of the most popular news that impacted the car care industry during this past year.

“In many ways, 2016 was an interesting year with several unexpected turns and outcomes, including in the carwash industry,” said PC&D’s Group Editorial Director/Editor in Chief Rich DiPaolo. “Many people could be surprised by some of the stories featured in our Top 10 list of Carwash eNews stories this year, but it is not surprising looking at the print and digital content stats from 2016 that most of the stories that struck a chord with our readers reflect the health and stability of the market at the moment. There was definite optimism and expansion among the movers and shakers in professional carwashing in 2016.”    

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