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Touchless automatic offering hot wax is providing great value for customers

FAIRBORN, Ohio — Extreme Clean Car Wash has become one of, if not the only, touchless automatic in the United States to offer Simoniz Hot Wax.


FAIRBORN, Ohio — Without meaning to do so, Mike Bocko, owner of Extreme Clean Car Wash may have made his wash the first touchless automatic to use Simoniz Hot Wax. The wax is most frequently used in tunnel washes.

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Bocko became interested in providing a quality wax product for his wash, and designed a system that would be able to deliver it at his touchless location. “The product, the way I’m delivering it … took a combination of different pieces that suppliers have  … [and I] was able to fabricate the parts of the equipment that I liked, and put it all on-line.”


After the install was complete, a Simoniz representative told him that he was the first touchless automatic carwash in the United States using Simoniz Hot Wax.

He said that customers recognize the extra shine from the hot wax, and that wash customers are also experiencing a better post-wash drying.

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Another benefit has been increased sales per car. Extreme eliminated its lowest price wash to make room for what they call the “Elite Wash.” However, even with the increased price, Bocko believes customers are getting a better experience. “It’s more bang for your buck, even though the cost is higher … it is producing a shinier car”


Innovation is a major driving factor of success in all businesses, and Bocko’s recommendation is to "try to be a leader instead of a follower in the carwash industry.”

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