GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A Holiday Stationstore location on Fourth Street in Grand Rapids has expanded and added a carwash, according to the Grand Rapids Herald-Review.

The company, based in Bloomington, Minnesota, has over 300 corporately owned convenience stores throughout 10 states, stated the article.

There are two Holiday Stationstore locations in Grand Rapids, reported the article, and the site on Fourth Street is the first of the locations to feature a carwash.

“We are delighted to have purchased additional property adjacent to our Grand Rapids store which allowed us to construct this new car wash,” said Robert Nye, spokesperson for Holiday Stationstore, in the article. “We know the residents of Grand Rapids will find this service to be a great addition to our store.”

The new touchless wash uses pressurized water, continued the article, which is warmed to a specific temperature and sprayed from an angled arm.

The angled arm moves around a stationary vehicle to clean it and create “a spot-free shine once the wash is finished,” added the article.

The new carwash provides several wash options, informed the article, including services such as triple foam and a rain shield, windshield spray, and an undercarriage wash is also offered.

Carwashes can be purchased as an added service at the c-store register or individually, stated the article, and customers can also buy a wash at the kiosk located near the carwash’s entrance.

The new wash also offers unlimited monthly plans, noted the article, and “Basic,” “Works” or “Works Plus” packages are available.

Once a customer signs up for an unlimited month plan, he or she will receive an RFID window sticker, added the article.

You can find the article here.