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Treatment Products Ltd. acquires Strike Force brand

CHICAGO — The acquisition will expand the company’s Aftermarket Appearance Protection Products.

CHICAGO — Treatment Products Ltd. recently acquired the Strike Force protective coatings brand, according to a press release.

The Dec. 13 release stated that Treatment Products Ltd. manufactures automotive cleaners, waxes, polishes and protective coatings. The acquisition of Strike Force will expand the company’s Aftermarket Appearance Protection Products offered through car dealers nationwide.

“Strike Force products bring new technology, new programs and increased distribution to our company,” Ken Victor, vice president of Treatment Products Ltd., said in the release.

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Michael Golden, president of Strike Force, will join Treatment Products Ltd. as director of sales and marketing. “I am excited about bringing my industry experience to Treatment Products Ltd. and expanding our product offerings” Golden said in the release. “I could not have handpicked a better manufacturer to fit with my future expectations and envisioned accomplishments.”

Treatment Products Ltd. produces brands for auto, marine and other industries. All of the products are manufactured in Chicago, IL.

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