CONROE, TX — Investigators here said that Juana Gonzalez, 72, was killed during an accident at a carwash, KSAT reported.

The Jan. 21 story stated that Gonzalez was visiting from Mexico, and she and her family were standing in the wash’s parking lot waiting for their vehicle to be detailed. A pickup truck barreled off the carwash track towards the family.

Man pinned between vehicles airlifted from carwash

According to the story, an employee pulled the truck into the carwash and accidentally left it in drive instead of neutral. One man was able to shove his pregnant wife out of harm’s way as he jumped to safety, but Gonzalez could not escape.

The pickup ran over Gonzalez and then hit a nearby tree. Emergency crews tried to help, but she died at the scene.

Video: Airborne Nissan smashes into carwash

Police officers are reviewing surveillance video from the wash, but so far they are calling it an unfortunate accident. No charges are anticipated.

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