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Turning ice into money

Carwashes are always looking for ways to add additional revenue, and there’s many reasons an ice machine may be an ideal fit.


While the actual wash is the most things at a carwash, there are many other components that can enhance the entire carwash experience, and bring in additional revenue. One of those additional profit centers is an ice vending machine. The practicality and convenience of ice vending can make it a great fit for a carwash.

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Ice is a universally liked product, and it is one that people always need. Ice vending machines were once much larger and more expensive, according to Brad Lefkowitz of Bag of Ice, Ice & Water vending, but they have not only gotten smaller over the years, but also cheaper, he said.

The smaller machines are now easier to place, and wash owners who did not have a place for an ice vending machine, can now reconsider.


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Ice vending is about offering up convenience to your customer, according to Lefkowitz. “By providing the ice and water vending machines, the carwash owner is providing a one-stop service to their on-the-go customers.”

Many washes do experience a downturn in ice sales during the colder months, according to Michael E. Little, vice president of marketing for Ice House America, LLC, however, he said sales can still be good during the colder months, and they allow time for “annual preventative maintenance to occur.”


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The experts say there’s little maintenance or upkeep involved with the machines, making an ice vending something an owner can add even if he or she does not have much time to focus on it. “What is simpler than adding incremental income to your existing business without having to add extra employees and a profit center that requires minimal upkeep?” said Little.

The main maintenance steps involve:

  • Collecting the money
  • Refilling bags
  • General ground upkeep
  • Making sure the machines are clean
  • Replacing the water filters

There are many advantages to Ice vending, and it may be an additional profit center that can bring in more customers, and improve business.

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