CHICAGO — Turtle Wax Inc. announced it will sell its Professional Products business to a partner company, Transchem Inc., according to a press release.

The Dec. 19 release stated that Turtle Wax worked with Transchem for three years and utilized the company’s technology and manufacturing facilities to produce the Professional Product line.

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“Transchem has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to grow the Turtle Wax Professional Products business,” Turtle Wax COO Tom Healy said in the release. “We consider this sale a significant factor in positioning the line to take the next step toward sustainable growth.”

Turtle Wax will sell the business then license the Turtle Wax brand name to Transchem. The company will enjoy an expanded product range to sell, all under the Turtle Wax name.

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For 30 years, Transchem has been focused on industrial vehicle wash chemical formulation and production.