CRANSTON, RI — Based on a tip from a former employee, Target 12 News here investigated the effectiveness of the undercarriage washes provided by five carwashes.

The Oct. 26 story stated that the five carwashes are part of a chain operated by East Side Enterprises, LLC. Based on undercover video the news team recorded, the channel reported that the undercarriage nozzles did not clean cars properly.

TV scam report shows footage of innocent wash

Target 12 installed a water-proof hidden camera under a car and drove through a series of washes. The former employee, Richard Houle, reviewed the footage and pointed out rusted and non-functional equipment. Houle worked for the carwash chain for about four years.

Angelo Ruo, a vice president of operations with East Side Enterprises, said in the story that, to his knowledge, the undercarriage systems at the company’s carwashes worked. Ruo declined to watch the hidden-camera video that Target 12 recorded.

Wash owner caught without TV license

Houle noted that he made requests to repair the undercarriage systems when he worked for the carwash chain. “When you put in this request for the undercarriages, nobody said anything,” Houle said in the article. “So, after a while you start asking questions.”

Both Target 12 and Houle contacted the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office, and a spokesperson said the complaint would be looked into.

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