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The Two Day Car Wash Educational Seminar starts tomorrow

IRVINE, Calif. — Car Wash Consultants announces the Two Day Car Wash Educational Seminar for full-service, express exterior and flex-service tunnel washes.

Harvey Miller, owner of Car Wash Consultants

Harvey Miller, owner of Car Wash Consultants

IRVINE, Calif. — Harvey Miller, owner of Car Wash Consultants, announced that he and his company will be presenting the Two Day Car Wash Educational Seminar in Southern California on March 22 and 23.

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Miller will zero in on proven, successful ways to operate and market your tunnel carwashes. Attendees will learn in-depth, step-by-step methods and techniques, which will include unique ways to retain customers in addition to creating new customers, while providing a family-friendly and fun experience.

Topics will range from How to Market and Sell Unlimited Car Wash Clubs, Making your Business “Bullet proof” from Weather Conditions, Going after the Untapped Market, Upgrading and Jazzing your Tunnel to Controlling Labor on an Hourly Basis for Full Service/Flex Operations, in addition to 35 other vital topics for all types of tunnel washes.


As a previous owner and operator of 32 carwashes and detailing centers, Miller’s carwashes were voted eight times as the No. 1 carwash. He began his consulting services 33 years ago and has provided operational and marketing services for every type of tunnel wash and detailing center. With his vast experience in the industry and the many clients he has provided services for, Miller understands firsthand how crucial this information is for existing tunnel carwash owners as well as new investors looking to get into the industry.

Over the course of seven decades, Miller has experienced many changes in the industry. He believes that what we are seeing today is the most dramatic change that the industry has experienced. He is eager and excited to share his knowledge, experience and success as the industry evolves into the next generation to determine what is instrumental in the future of operating, marketing and building tunnel carwashes.


Miller has provided educational seminars and presentations for the Western Carwash Association (WCA) and the International Carwash Association (ICA). He is the past president of the WCA as well as the ICA and is now celebrating his 60th year in the carwashing industry.

Attendee’s questions will be answered by experts from every segment of the industry. There will be no sponsors, vendors or exhibits. Each attendee will receive a 100-page handbook of operational and marketing materials, photographs and articles reflecting 60 years of experience and success.

Miller promises, you will not be disappointed.

For specific information, list of topics that will be covered and seminar registration, visit


For additional information or questions please contact Miller at 949-230-3623, or email him directly at [email protected].

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