MACON, GA — An interview by The Telegraph here asked Bernard Bronner, owner of Unique II Auto Details, a series of questions about his operation.

In the Nov. 4 interview, Bronner stated that his specialty was detailing vehicles, including interior cleaning, buffing, waxing, paint work and body work.

Maintaining a mobile business

Bronner noted that he opened the shop in 1991, but he has been detailing cars for more than 25 years. “My father was always an entrepreneur,” he said in the story. “Growing up, I worked for him in his auto body shop. I always had a passion for taking something that looks bad and turning it into something that someone can be proud of.”

Wet sanding and buffing are what Bronner enjoys the most about detailing. He said that both can be difficult for some, but he can perform the services properly.

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