WATERTOWN, N.Y. —For $37.99, Classy Chassy Car Wash customers can get the monthly ultra-bath plan, which allows them as many washes as they desire, according to the Watertown Daily Times.      

“I come here almost every day,” said Hardik D. Patel, who is a member of the plan.

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The manager of the wash, Brent M. McCann, explained how the wash package works for a customer like Patel. “As soon as it scans the RFID sensor in his windshield, the computer program already knows it’s assigned to him,” he said. “It knows it’s assigned to the ultra-bath package, and at that point all he has to do is drive forward.”

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Classy Chassy has two other wash plans, along with the ultra-bath plan. The basic plan is $24.99 and the triple-foam plan is $29.99.

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