SAN DIEGO — As PC&D reported earlier, the cremation ashes of Henry Lefebvre were left next to a vacuum at a carwash here. Now, interesting information regarding the life of Lefebvre has been uncovered, ABC News reported.

The Nov. 9 story stated that Lefebvre was born in 1900, and he became a star running back for the University of Southern California in the 1920s. There, he became friends with teammate and future actor John Wayne.

Ashes of cremated man found at carwash

Lefebvre also owned the Sun-Aired Bag Company, a bag checking system used by pools, gyms and motion picture companies. The business made him very wealthy.

Though he was married a few times, Lefebvre never had any children, and he outlived all of siblings except for one brother. Nephew Gary Lefebvre planned to pick up the ashes on Nov. 12.

Update: International search in cremation ash case

Still, the mystery remains as to who left the ashes at the carwash and why they had them in the first place. Lefebvre’s family members had no idea he hadn’t been properly buried. They were under the impression that his ashes had been dedicated in a gravesite next to one of his wives, the story noted.

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