NORTHBROOK, Ill. — The Waterway Gas & Wash will build its first Chicago-area location after being granted a special permit by the Northbrook Village Board, according to the Northbrook Star.

Some residents of nearby subdivisions are worried their property values will dip because of the carwash, but the only board member that agreed with them was on vacation in Colorado.  

The board decided at a July 22 meeting that the property was commercial, and it voted 6-0 Aug. 11 to allow the carwash to build on the site.

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The town’s planning commission had previously recommended the carwash not be built on the vacant site, but the board said the power rested with it.

“The role of the Plan Commission is to make a recommendation,” Village President Sandy Frum said in the article. “They’re not elected, and cannot make a final decision. We make the final decision in this case.”

Residents were concerned about possible traffic problems in addition to the decline in property values.

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