Upgrading equipment using financial sense - Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Upgrading equipment using financial sense

Equipment enhancements can be costly to implement, but too expensive to ignore.

If you flip through any recent issue of Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine, you will notice advertisements that tout today’s latest and greatest innovations to hit the professional carwash market. Many of these products — including equipment — boast the cost savings, productivity enhancement and environmental awareness features that are infused into today’s professional carwash products. Simply put, today’s products are outperforming older carwash equipment and tools across many different product categories in this industry.

For owners and operators looking to either grow or maintain business, upgrading equipment can be a decision many put off because of sticker shock or other factors. Especially for a new carwash owner who is starting with zero equipment, stocking your carwash location with the most modern equipment, supplies and tools can represent a significant portion of your budget.

However, upgrading equipment, processes and supplies is a mandatory practice for many carwashes across the U.S. that are looking to stay competitive. In many areas across the country, competition is so intense that adding new elements and pieces of equipment to enhance the customer experience are areas that are looked at and critiqued throughout the year.

In this month’s cover story, author Michael Ford discusses the options that carwash owners and operators have when looking to upgrade their sites’ equipment. In this overview, Ford helps operators ask the right questions and breaks down the choices in the market to help the costs of equipment put less burden on your cash flow.

In addition to learning about new equipment and supplies in the pages of Professional Carwashing & Detailing and on Carwash.com, there are plenty of opportunities to see and demo professional carwash equipment and supplies in person throughout the year. For instance, this issue is being distributed at such an industry event — the Southwest Car Wash Association’s (SCWA) 2018 Convention and EXPO, being held this month in Arlington, Texas. If you are currently at this show, be sure to stop by booth #2043 to meet our team.    

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