ATLANTA — UPS is expanding its UPS Access Point network, and it hopes to sign up convenience stores as pickup points for deliveries, according to CSP Daily News.

The network provides delivery locations for customers when they are not at home. According to a survey, 37 percent of online shoppers want alternate delivery sites, noted the article.

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Neighborhood c-stores and grocery stores can participate in the program. Customers will enter the tracking number on to get the address, and they will need photo ID to receive the package, explained the article.

Customers can also send packages via a network location, reported the article.

The network is available in Europe, New York City and Chicago, and will expand to include all major U.S. metropolitan markets in 2015, said the article.

More than 300 Access Point locations currently exist in New York City and Chicago, and more locations are added each week, stated the article.

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