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Use the right chemicals on upholstery

Follow these tips and suggestions with every upholstery service.


Wowing your customers with a clean carpet is as easy as following these simple checklists, which explain which tools and cleaning solutions you need, as well as the processes for properly cleaning a carpet. Follow these tips and suggestions with every upholstery service.

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In addition to having the right equipment, it’s important that your detail shop have the correct chemical solutions. Plan on having your supply closet stocked with the following:

  • A degreaser: Whether it be a solvent or water base use for those oily stains on the carpet and oily soiling;
  • A red stain remover and/or tannin remover;
  • Enzyme cleaners for those protein types of spills (milk, food, urine, and vomit);
  • Odor eliminators;
  • A really good general stain remover that will work on just about anything we haven’t covered. Floex is one that comes to mind. Something else that I’ve seen lately is encapsulation products. They seem to be used more readily with the dry bonnet type cleaning.
  • And a stain removal kit. You can get these from companies like Serve Pro or Service Master. They have neat little kits with a “stain wheel” to help you diagnose the stain and what it will take to clean it.

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