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Utilizing an LED Sign

Once you have all the logistics decided on the sign: height, width, color, added features, etc, it's time to start thinking of the message that you would like to have displayed on the sign.


You have decided to make the investment in purchasing an LED sign to promote your car wash. Once you have all the logistics decided on the sign: height, width, color, added features, etc, it's time to start thinking of the message that you would like to have displayed on the sign.

Here are 3 Tips from Stewart Signs, America's Premier Sign Company (www.stewartsigns.com) on how to effectively use your LED sign:

Think about the speed of traffic passing by your sign. How long will the average driver have to look at your sign? Typically, a person passing your sign will only see one message. Make this message count! Resist text messages that scroll; a passerby will only see a portion of the message and it will not make sense to them. Remember to use text that is proportionate to the size of your display and speed of passing traffic so that the message is easy to read.

Think about what time of day your messages will be playing and the types of people that will be driving by. For instance, the audience driving by a school at 7:00am is typically parent dropping a student off. This would be great time to communicate messages about saving $2 on a car wash for bringing in a good report card. The audience passing the sign mid-day is typically a member of the community not involved with the school. This would be a great time to announce a community fundraiser or event you are having at your wash. Schedule messages with your audience in mind and those reading your sign will feel more connected since the message is pertaining to them and no one else.

Today, LED message centers are more complex and flexible than ever and it is very tempting to test these features out. However, the more intricate and cluttered the graphic, the less the passerby can discern the message you are trying to relay. Graphics should complement, not detract from your message. Make sure to use graphics that clearly convey the message you are going for. It is best to drive by the sign yourself and check that you can understand and clearly see the graphics you created.

  1. Keep the Messages Short and Sweet
  2. Speak to Your Audience
  3. Use Graphics that Complement Your Message

LED message centers are great communication tools for any type of organization. They are the most cost effective way to advertise to those driving by, especially when messages are simple, clear and concise.

From the Lustra Team – Keep Shining

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