TAMUNING, GUAM — A regular detail should be part of every vehicle owner’s maintenance plan, the Pacific Daily News reported.

The Jan. 8 story quoted Will Toves, a detailer for nine years. Toves was quick to point out the differences between typical carwashing and a professional detail.

Preparing a car for storage

"The difference between getting a car washed and taking it to a detailer is the time … the products used and the knowledge and skill used to clean the car properly," Toves said in the story. "If you go to a carwash, it's just a quick carwash."

A professional detailer can remove spills, stains, mold and mysterious smells, according to the story. Debris and pests can even be found in hidden corners of a vehicle that might require paneling to be removed.

Simple and profitable extra services

Other detailing services businesses here offer include pest fogs for car interiors, wax jobs, headlamp defogging and engine degreasing.

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