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Vehicle exiting carwash tunnel causes collision

TUCSON, Ariz. — A vehicle in neutral rolled down a Mister Car Wash lot and hit another vehicle in the street.

TUCSON, Ariz. — An unattended vehicle coming from a Mister Car Wash property hit several Tucson residents who were driving nearby, according to

Grace Le Bel, her son and a couple dogs were passengers in the hit vehicle, while Le Bel’s friend Allegra Ketterhagen was the driver, the article continued.

“When we got hit, my entire body was flung,” said Grace Le Bel.

Ketterhagen recalled the moment leading up to the impact, saying, “Kind of saw a car poking out going a little fast, and I was afraid they weren’t going to stop. So, I hit my brakes, and they just kept going, and they just slammed into the front of my car.”

Ketterhagen and Le Bel later learned that a vehicle in neutral going through the carwash tunnel collided with another vehicle, causing it to roll along the sloped Mister Car Wash property toward the road, the article reported.

“There’s usually somebody on the other side to catch the car, but this did not happen with this large brown SUV,” Le Bel said.

A Mister Car Wash spokesperson stated in an email, “Mister Car Wash is investigating the incident. To our knowledge, no serious injury has been reported. Rental cars have been provided while the vehicles are being repaired. We regret the inconvenience this has caused. Mister Car Wash is committed to providing a safe environment for employees and customers. While incidents like this are rare, we have an active protocol to quickly assist team members and customers to restore a safe environment and address damages caused by our team.”

One of the dogs suffered a leg injury, but otherwise, no one was harmed in the accident, the article noted.

“That should not have happened and the fact that all of us walked away is a miracle,” Kettergan said. “It could have been worse if I didn’t hit the brakes.”

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