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VFD controllers


Today's controller technology can be paired with variable frequency drives (VFDs) in order to save owners and operators money throughout the upcoming warmer months. And, as carwash owners and managers know, the warmer months for many carwashes can be a time when car counts are lower and when owners say they need the money the most. VFDs offer a wide variety of ways for owners to adjust their wash settings when days or seasons are slow. A VFD, as defined by CarWash College, is a control device which regulates the speed of the dryer motors, reduces operating costs and prolongs motor life. A VFD controllers allows a carwash owner or manager to:

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  • Control the RPM’s (revolutions per minute) of motors;
  • Eliminate inrush on blower and vacuum motor startups; and
  • Adjust the setting and speed of carwash dryers.

You can also use the VFD controllers’ advanced settings to save water. Some controller systems have the capabilities to determine the size of vehicles and use an appropriate amount of water. For example, a Smart Car would not require as much water as a Hummer, so why waste the water?


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Arthur Stephens, president of International Drying, Inc., said his dryers are designed to work with most controllers and their speeds are programmable.

“If somebody has a variable frequency drive they can adjust how fast the dryer is actually spinning so they adjust the output,” Stephens said.

And thanks to controller manufacturers staying ahead of the curve all of these energy saving tasks can be performed from an owner’s smartphone, computer, or tablet. Having the capability of slowing down dryers for smaller vehicles or flatbed trucks could have a huge impact on an owner’s bottom line if utilized on a frequent basis.

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