MIAMI GARDENS, FL — A white Nissan sped through the front fence of LuLu’s carwash here, went airborne and smashed into the side of the building, reported.

The Nov. 12 story stated that a surveillance video taken just before 1 a.m. shows the powerful crash.

Vehicle fire at closed carwash captured on video

One witness to the crash said she thought the driver must have been killed when she saw the accident. “He has to be dead, he just has to be dead,” she said in the story. “But when he helped himself out of that window, I was like, it was nothing but God, because it’s no way he should have climbed out that window without them having to cut him out of that car.”

The driver was eventually airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The wash’s owner noted that the accident could have been much worse if it had happened during business hours.

Read the article and see the video here.