BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Offering discounts and promotions can help car care businesses secure more customers, especially car owners who are always looking for ways to save a little more cash.

As owners and operators, make sure your customers are aware of why taking their cars to professional carwashes, especially during the winter months, can help boost their return on investment and keep their cars running smoothly.

To help retain and grow a thriving customer base, carwashes must be mindful of their patrons’ budgets by offering cost-saving promotions, loyalty programs and discounts.

Featured on News 8’s website,, this week’s video discusses why it is important to take care of cars and how people can save some money when going to the carwash.

“We have a punch card; [customers with] 10 punches [get] a free wash. We [have] coupons all over [town],” said David Chess, manager at Scrubbin Bubbles Car Wash in Wallingford, Connecticut, in the video. “[And if customers have] been here awhile we will give them a better wash or a free vacuum [service].”

Chess also explained in the video that he will inform customers who want to save a few bucks of high-quality package options that offer the most wash services for the least amount of money.

You can also watch the video here.

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